The Loud Days Podcast: One Digital Agency chose the challenge - to build a business in real life, in real time and share the secrets…

Philotimo Global are business growth consultants with a dream to drive change for business owners and explore the idea of “performance”, behinds the scenes, in business and in life.

In an experiment of potential destruction, Loud Days agreed to take up the challenge: to build a business from scratch in real life, in real time.

With no digital presence, no database, no social, no website or content, The Loud Days Podcast chronicles the launch of (by Philotimo Global) website, videos and podcasts.

Listen in to discover how to approach the challenges of rearing digital infants into an online powerhouse.


The Louddays E03: Content Vs context, increasing your dwell time & there’s a hole in your bucket

In a Tim-less episode Mat And Elana from the Louddays team sit down with Nigel as we build toward the launch of both the Philotimo social media push and the content hub. 

We deep dive into the best ways to produce quality content and then just as importantly how to make it easily accessible and searchable to ensure everyone can find the right information at the right time.

We discuss the difference between content and context.

Nigel learns about the importance of "Dwell time" and ensuring you have the right structure to place your content.


The Louddays E01: Can you start from scratch today and go from Zero to One Million followers?

This is a business-killing experiment.

Louddays agency has agreed to take on a client (Philotimo Global) with a starting point of Zero social media presence and no database! The goal, build a community of 1 million people!

Follow the weekly catch up between client and agency, hear what's happing behind the scenes and will it actually work?

Elana, Mat and the team from Louddays are incredible, learn how a leading agency approaches a world-first complete and transparent challenge.

All the while documenting the process on this weekly podcast, sharing the journey, the challenges and trade secrets as they help grow Philotimo Global's Digital presence from nothing to an online powerhouse.

Make sure you tune in each week to see the progress. This will either be a game-changing insight or a wonderful lesson in mistakes made..... either way, it will be entertaining.

This is Day 1.

The Louddays E04: Failure to Launch

In this weeks episode, the team sit down and face the reality of what they undertaking.

They discuss:

- The complexity of producing meaningful content on a mass scale. 

- how an agency has to meet multiple masters when delivering against clients expectations.

- the importance of clear communications when managing a new client 

- setting deadlines against clearly defined goals and expected outcomes



The Louddays Ep02: Are you content with your content?

As the experiment continues, The team at Philotimo and Loud Days discuss how content will play a part of the digital strategy.

What is the relationship between the core business and digital capture points?

How do we value content in relation to its shareability and accessibility?

The team also has to overcome the challenge of developing the CEO's personal brand vs that of the Philotimo company.

For business owners, a glimpse into the science of social media and leveraging it for your business and an insight into how to work with your digital agency and build your empire.   


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