Invited Speakers 2015

  EHC 2015 Speakers  


 1 Milic1  Prof Predrag Miljic MD  Serbia 

 Comprehensive care and inhibitor treatment



 2 Daniela1  Dr Danijela Mikovic MD Serbia
The rarer bleeding disorders in Serbia and Europe
 3 Flora 1  Prof Flora Peyvandi MD


 1. Gene therapy

 2. Post-marketing surveillance and failures



 Rezan Kadir small 2  Prof Rezan Kadir MD  United Kingdom   Pregnancy and menorrhagia
5 DeMerlouse1  Prof Philippe de Moerloose MD  Switzerland

 Thrombosis in bleeding disorders



6 Solimeno Dr Luigi Solimeno MD  Italy

 Orthopaedic surgery



7 MAN 1  Prof Pier Mannucci  MD  Italy

Ageing and cardio-vascular health



8 Makris Prof Mike Makris United Kingdom

Management of inhibitors



 9 M Carcao1  Prof Manuel Carcao MD  Canada

Longer Acting Factors - the Clinical experience



 10 Antovic1  Prof Jovan Antovic Sweden

 Measuring lab assays



 11 PG  Prof Paul Giangrande  MD United Kingdom

 Pharmacokinetic - guided treatment



 BOM 2015   Brian O'Mahony Ireland

 Economics and EHL Factor Concentrates







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