Invited Speakers

  EHC 2013 Speakers  


145 MM small   Prof Mike Makris MD United Kingdom  

1. Comprehensive Haemophilia Care      

2. Categorisation of Haemophilia Treatment Centres in   Europe

3. EUHASS update 2009-2012

2 MS small   Prof Margit Serban MD Romania  Comprehensive care of  Haemophilia in Romania
 3 AD small  Anne Duffy


 Psyhosocial Support
 6 ECR small  E. Carlos Rodriguez-Merchant MD PhD  Spain  Orthopaedic surgery – still a present task in haemophilia care
711 PG small Prof Paul Giangrande  MD United Kingdom

 1. EDQM recommendations:   Haemophilia care in Europe 

 2. Novel products for the treatment of haemophilia

810 FP small Prof Associate Flora Peyvandi MD PhD  Italy

 1. Rare bleeding disorders - an overview                                            

 2. Orphan drugs and haemophilia

 Prof Guenter Auerswald   MD Germany

 Treatment and prevention of inhibitors

12 AN small  Prof Amit Nathwani MD United Kingdom

 Gene therapy for Haemophilia B

13 BOM small  Brian O'Mahony  Ireland


 Economical aspect and possible barriers:

- Patient organisation perspective


 14 GMD small  Dr  Geoffrey McDonough MD Sweden

 Economical aspect and possible barriers:

- Industry perspective

 15 Karin Berger  SM  Dr Karin Berger MBA Germany

 Economical aspect and possible barriers:

- Clinical   perspective




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