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EHC-Conference 2017

The 30th annual EHC Conference will be organised by the European Haemophilia Consortium in Vilnius, Lithuania 6th – 8th October 2017, and hosted by Lithuanian Haemophilia Society



Saturday, 09 January 2016 15:13

EHC-Conference 2016

The 29th annual EHC Conference was organised by the European Haemophilia Consortium in Stavanger, Norway 7th – 9th October 2016, and hosted by Norwegian Haemophilia Society



Saturday, 31 January 2015 08:09

Invited Speakers 2015

  EHC 2015 Speakers  


 1 Milic1  Prof Predrag Miljic MD  Serbia 

 Comprehensive care and inhibitor treatment



 2 Daniela1  Dr Danijela Mikovic MD Serbia
The rarer bleeding disorders in Serbia and Europe
 3 Flora 1  Prof Flora Peyvandi MD


 1. Gene therapy

 2. Post-marketing surveillance and failures



 Rezan Kadir small 2  Prof Rezan Kadir MD  United Kingdom   Pregnancy and menorrhagia
5 DeMerlouse1  Prof Philippe de Moerloose MD  Switzerland

 Thrombosis in bleeding disorders



6 Solimeno Dr Luigi Solimeno MD  Italy

 Orthopaedic surgery



7 MAN 1  Prof Pier Mannucci  MD  Italy

Ageing and cardio-vascular health



8 Makris Prof Mike Makris United Kingdom

Management of inhibitors



 9 M Carcao1  Prof Manuel Carcao MD  Canada

Longer Acting Factors - the Clinical experience



 10 Antovic1  Prof Jovan Antovic Sweden

 Measuring lab assays



 11 PG  Prof Paul Giangrande  MD United Kingdom

 Pharmacokinetic - guided treatment



 BOM 2015   Brian O'Mahony Ireland

 Economics and EHL Factor Concentrates







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Sponsorship does not cover any social events.





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 Novo Nordisk

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 Kedrion Biopharma






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EHC-Conference 2015

The 28th annual European Haemophilia Conference was organised by the European Haemophilia Consortium in Belgrade, Serbia from 2nd to 4th October 2015, and hosted by Serbian Haemophilia Society.

Friday, 05 December 2014 12:37

Invited Speakers 2014

  EHC 2014 Speakers  


Dusheiko Small    Prof Geoffrey Dusheiko MD  United Kingdom  

 Update on Hepatitis C Treatment



 Small Declan 2  Declan Noone  Ireland  Follow up on Hepatitis C
 small PIetDeKlein Small 2 2013-03-08 20.27.22  Piet De Kleijn 


 Physiotherapy with Minimum Factor Availability


 2013-03-08 21.02.08  Fionnuala  Sayers  United Kingdom   Physiotherapy with Optimum Factor Availability
Paul Giangrande SMall Prof Paul Giangrande  MD  United Kingdom

 Treatment Centres Certification



Gary Benson Small 2 2013-03-08 22.25.39 Dr Gary Benson  United Kingdom

 The Northern Ireland Comprehensive Care Model



2013-03-08 22.39.29  ProfCedric Hermans   MD  Belgium

 The EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive - Clinical View



Radoslaw Kaczmarek Poland

 The EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive - Patient View



 Rezan Kadir small 2  Prof Rezan Kadir MD United Kingdom

 Reproductive and Genetic Issues  



 Prof Moerlouse Small 2  Prof Philippe de Moerloose MD Switzerland

 Update: European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD)



 Negrie Small 2  Prof Claude Negrier MD France

 Individualisation of  Therapy



 Nolan 1 Small  Dr Beatrice Nolan Ireland

 Experience with the New Products To Date







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Great Victoria Street • Belfast BT2 7AP • Northern Ireland

Built on the site of the Great Northern Railway Station, the Europa Hotel dates back to 1971. During the troubles, it became the hang-out for journalists from all over the word, with the hotel itself often making the headlines. It officially joined Hastings Hotels in August 1993 and after major refurbishment, re-opened its doors in February 1994. The first official event was the Flax Trust Ball, a gala evening for 500 local and international dignitaries. Then, in 1995, President Clinton and the First Lady, Hillary Clinton checked in. This visit boosted confidence in Belfast’s flagship hotel and launched the profile of the Europa Hotel worldwide. In fact, the suite the famous couple stayed in was renamed the Clinton Suite. VIPs aplenty still make it their choice as they arrive in peacetime Belfast to attend political meetings, do business, appear on television programmes or perform at the Opera House. This towering hotel is a legendary landmark, a natural place for visitors to stay and there are plans to make it even better in this important anniversary year”, promises Dr Hastings who sees the Europa as a keystone of his empire. He fondly tips his hat to the late celebrated manager, Harper Brown and the era of the Penthouse Poppets, the Whip and Saddle restaurant and the Paradise Lost Night Club. “Harper was as charming to the humble delivery boy with the morning papers as he was to the VIP guest in the best suite,” he says. “James McGinn, presently General Manager of the Europa, is just as attentive!”


The Exhibition will be held in the Exhibition Centre

The Exhibition Centre is located on the Ground Floor under the main conference room, the Grand Ballroom. Tea, coffee and lunch will be served in the Exhibition Centre during the conference breaks.


The history of Belfastas a settlement goes back to the Bronze Age,[1] but its status as a major urban centre dates to the 18th century.
Belfast today is the capital of Northern Ireland. Belfast was, throughout its modern history, a major commercial and industrial centre.
It suffered in the late 20th century from a decline in its traditional industries, particularly shipbuilding.
The city's history has been marked by conflict between Catholic and Protestant communities which has caused parts of the city to be split into separate areas.
In recent years the city has been peaceful and major redevelopment has occurred, especially the inner-city and dock areas.


Tuesday, 09 October 2012 09:29

EHC-Conference 2013

The 26th annual European Haemophilia Conference was organised by the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) in Bucharest from 4th to 6th October 2013, and hosted by the Romanian Hemophilia Association.

Tuesday, 09 October 2012 09:25

EHC-Conference 2014

The 27th annual European Haemophilia Conference was organised by the European Haemophilia Consortium in Belfast, Northern Ireland from 3rd to 5th October 2014, and hosted by the UK Haemophilia Society.

Tuesday, 09 October 2012 09:23

Former Conferences

Since more than 20 years the EHC holds its Conference, hosted by one of the NMOs.

  • 2012 Czech Republic: Prague
  • 2011 Hungary: Budapest
  • 2010 Portugal: Lisbon
  • 2009 Lithuania: Vilnius
  • 2008 Ireland: Dublin
  • 2007 Italy: Parma
  • 2006 Bulgaria: Sofia
  • 2005 France: Montpellier
  • 2004 Slovak Republic: Bratislava
  • 2003 The Netherlands: Lisse
  • 2002 Latvia: Riga
  • 2001 Sweden: Malmo
  • 2000 Romania: Timisoara
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