Egidijus Šliaužys

Egidijus Šliaužys


Egidijus Šliaužys is the president of the Lithuanian Haemophilia Society.

In 2010, he was elected for the first time and after then reelected in 2014.

He has been a member of this society from 1996. Egidijus has a severe haemophilia A. He has done a lot to make sure that the prophylactic treatment in Lithuania is provided to all the patients. Many years of work not only with Lithuania but also with other countries that have haemophilia patients‘ organizations have given their result. Collaborative projects, camps for the children and young people and other important event were being held in Lithuania to help hemophilia patients be physically active and enjoy life.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017 08:53

Welcome to Vilnius


Dear members of the European haemophilia community, friends and colleagues,

The 30th EHC Annual Conference will take place from the 6th-8th of October in Lithuania. We are honored to host this event for the second time and look forward to welcoming you!

The first time the conference was held here was in 2009. Since then, the treatment of haemophilia in Lithuania has cardinally changed – the availability of FVIII increased from 1,5 IU to 5,1 IU per capita. Now, prophylactic treatment is provided not only to children, but also to adults and we are one of the few countries that offer free rehabilitation to patients with haemophilia. Still, our association and the Lithuanian medical community seek to achieve even better quality of treatment.

The Lithuanian Haemophilia Society doesn’t only take care of its patients’ needs but also helps within other countries’ communities, including Ukraine, Georgia, and others. We share experiences, offer practical help and organise joint projects. Our international basketball camp also gets a lot of attention – it is happily attended by youth from Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria and other European countries.

We are excited that this autumn, when the European haemophilia community members gather for the EHC conference, we will exchange experience and the latest information about the treatment of this disease. We hope that this important event will inspire and motivate all of us to continue to do good and meaningful work in the future.

Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, with its breathtaking old town, is waiting for you on the 6th of October, 2017. Let’s meet in the centre of Europe!

Kind regards,


Egidijus Šliaužys

President of the Lithuanian Haemophilia Society